Racial Injustice & Inequality

What White People Must Do to End Systemic Racism…

White people must do everything in their power to end the systemic racism that has lead to the oppression of Black People in Canada and the USA.

We need to join in the fight that is being waged by the Black Lives Matter movement and other marginalized groups.  I am not looking to speak for the Black community as to how we can help.  So, I will be talking about articles I have read, shows I have watched and podcasts I have listened to with items that have been mentioned.  I will be providing sources so that you can read, watch and listen to them as well.

Jemele Hill was on the Sports Illustrated Media Podcast hosted by Jimmy Traina to discuss a myriad of topics (links at the bottom).  One of the questions that came up was regarding what white people can do to help.  Jemele started off by stating that white people “have to be willing to risk something.”  She is not talking specifically about career or life.  She is referring to something as simple as risking your social circles because “once you do take a firm stance” you may potentially become ostracized and lose influence within your circle.

Brando Simeo Starkley wrote an article on The Undefeated titled, “This what white people can do to end racism: Study what your forefathers did, then do the opposite.”  As outlined in the subtitle, Brando’s recommendation is to do the opposite of what we, as white people, have been doing throughout Canadian and US History.  Brando then provides a number of examples from history of situations where “the respectable white people” were the ones inflicting the discrimination against the Black community.

I highly recommend listening to the podcast with Jemele Hill and reading the article on The Undefeated.  Staying educated is the best way to combat injustice.  We must learn what was done in the past and do the opposite as what we have been doing does not work.

I will continuously be posting examples of what white people must do to end systemic racism, so keep tuned in…


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