Racial Injustice & Inequality

Police Brutality & Racism

There are a lot of misconceptions and false flags promoted by people unwilling to accept the Black Lives Matter movement.  They may state that “All Lives Matter” or “Blue Lives Matter”, but they are just promoting rhetoric created to discredit Black People and continue the systemic oppression.  One thing is for sure, Police Brutality is a problem…

The issue is that Black People are disproportionately targeted by police officers than their white counterparts. As a white male, I can walk past a cop and not worry at all (unless I’m doing something I should not). Yes, there may be exceptions to that, but proportionate to the number of white people, those are very low.  Any Black person you know probably has a story about dealing with a Law Enforcement Officer when there was no reason that they should have been (randomly pulled over/aside). For a different example, I had a middle-eastern colleague that told me he was “randomly selected” for airport pat-downs at an almost 9 out of 10 times rate. He was from Dallas and had to fly there from Toronto at least twice a year. I have never been randomly selected and I would carry toenail scissors in my carry-on.

Yes, you read that correctly, I had a small stabbing instrument in my carry-on and was never pulled aside and searched…

So now, let’s look at the US Prison system because, if they’re not killed first, people apprehended by police end up in jail. As of 2018, white people were 76% of the population and blacks were 13%. However, there are more black people in prison than there are white people. If there was not systemic racism in policing then that would mean that black people are WAY more likely to do something illegal than white people.

Now, let’s talk about the Police. It seems that people are admitting there are bad apples. Okay, then why are those bad apples not punished? Isn’t it a cop’s job to find and arrest people doing illegal activities? Why are the good cops not doing anything about the bad cops? Why are they letting them target black people randomly? Why are they letting them hassle muslims randomly? They will say, “I never do that.” Okay, that’s great, but it didn’t stop Philando Castile from being murdered in front of his spouse and daughter after he informed the officer that he was a licenced gun owner carrying a gun in a state where you’re allowed to carry a gun. In the case of George Floyd, 3 Cops stood by while one cop casually knelt on a Black Man’s neck while he died.

Anybody that wants to get rid of the police is stupid. Look at the industries without proper regulations to see how no police works (banking, investing, etc.).  There is a call to Defund and Reallocate resources to where they should be allocated.  There is too much funding for police and not enough funding for Mental Health and Poverty Assistance/Prevention.

We need to end Police VIOLENCE. Why are cops showing up to mental health crisis with guns? I’m not saying this is the case all the time, but a peaceful protest turning into a riot can actually be called a self-fulfilling prophecy. Why are ALL the cops suited up in military riot gear? Having a full police force in riot gear is a non-verbal gesture of violence towards a crowd. Now the crowd may get on edge and feel like, “Okay, you want a riot, let’s do a fucking riot.”

There’s a ton of research at Campaign Zero regarding everything that needs to change.

Stay informed!  Stay tuned for more…

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