The Comeback Kidz

With the nation erupting over the last few weeks the guys took the time to dive into the issues nad movements that mattered to them most. But with a chance to take a breath and to reflect on the news of the NBA, the NFL, and even some baseball, Joe is joined by Trey and […]

The NFL Schedule Gives Us Hope and Division Winnerz!

Join Joe McDonnell and his guests today Trey Hill and Caleb Gallion as the three take a look at the schedule being released by the NFL, what that means for us as fans, and what to expect if things go sideways withe the virus. Then listen as the the guys banter back and forth about […]

Cam, Free Agentz, and How Bout Them Boyz?

Join Joe McDonnell and Trey Hill as they cover the latest NFL News! Andy Dalton has signed on to backup Dak, Cam is still looking for his forever home, the schedule is being released but with a few twists, and Joe will tell you why this season is going to be an outlier of epic […]

NFL Round 1 Last Half Analysiz

Join the usual crew of Joe, Caleb, and Trey as they take a look back at picks 17-32 in this year’s NFL draft!

NFL Round 1 Live Reactionz

Listen along as Joe, Caleb, and Trey chat LIVE as the first 16 picks of the NFL draft take place! Find out how close they were on their mock drafts and see just what everyone thought in the moment as the draft unfolded!

Tiger Kingz and Evil Queenz

Hey all you cool cats and kittens! Listen along as Joe, Marcus, and Trey discuss some of the biggest and best moments of the Netflix phenomenon “Tiger King”!

NFL: Last Stop Before Vegas Newz

With the draft only a few days come listen to Joe, Trey, and Caleb sort through what they think is fact from fiction! Is Tua going to fall out of the top 10? What draft day match is sure to happen? And what teams are going to move up into the 1st round and who […]

NFL: Road to Vegas Tidbitz

Join Joe, Trey, and Caleb as they spend a little time taking stock of what’s been going on around the NFL the past week and get caught up on what you can expect come draft day!

NFL Notez

In the inaugural episode of Out of Boundz join Joe McDonnell, Marcus Wilson, and Trey Hill as they discuss the early NFL off-season comings and goings and dip their toes into the NFL draft!

NFL Mock Draft: Hope and Fear Over 3 Dayz

Joe McDonnell welcomes Caleb Gallion to go back and forth on their first round mock drafts while Trey Hill does his best to keep up and make sure they stay on track. Come see who they have falling where!