The Band Is Back Together For the Playoffs & They’re Moving To Minnesota! We Can’t Say Bye to Playoff Bye Weeks; Plus, It’s An Exciting Wild Card Weekend!

Joe and Shawn are back together to do their Wild Card Weekend preview plus MORE NFL news! First, they clean up something missed in the Week 18 recap and hand out the last regular season Bridgewater of the Week! After that, they get to the news of another coach being fired (in New Jersey this […]

Week 18 Action, Playoff Fields Are Set and “Black Monday” Tolls For Them

Joe is joined by special fill in guest, Aaman Patel, since Shawn ignored all of Joes calls. It is Bills/Patriots week, duh. Joe and Aaman go over all the Week 18 games. The Raiders and Chargers did what?! The Steelers are in?! Rematches are the big story with these playoffs. The guys finish up talking […]

Real Heroes Don’t Apologize For Legitimate Reasons Not To Vote For Certain MVP Candidates; RIP Dan Reeves: We’ll Dirty Bird For You; Plus, There Are Games In Week 18 & We’re Saying There’s A Chance

Joe and Shawn are back, a day late, to do their Week 18 preview with a TON of NFL news! First, they start off with two items they forgot on the previous episode: Week 17 Bridgewater of the Week and the passing of Dan Reeves. Then, they get into all the news coming out of […]

Cincinnati Goes From Worst To First; Rookie of the Year Awards Have Been Decided; Plus, AFC 1-Seed Still Up For Grabs

Joe and Shawn are back to do their Week 17 recap (minus MNF), but first Shawn has to reiterate that he made a mistakes and trusts John Madden NOT Jon Gruden. They go through all the games that happened on Sunday while discussing any additional news items that came out of them, including Antonio Brown […]

RIP John Madden: the Greatest Thing To Happen To the NFL; Has Your Team’s QB Gotten COVID Yet? Plus, the Mount Rushmore Of NFL Personalities

Joe and Shawn are back to do their Week 17 preview, but first they have to discuss their love of John Madden and remember some of the great things he did for the NFL. They also discuss some of the news that has come out, which include changes to COVID isolation rules and the Jaguars […]

NFC Is the Weakest Conference; Buffalo Bills Control Their Destiny; Plus, Over Half the 4th Downs Were Converted In Week 16

Joe and Shawn are back on time for their Week 16 Recap (minus the MNF game)! First, they start with some news from around the league. Then, they head back to Thursday night to recap all the games from Thursday, Christmas & Boxing Day! They also come to a consensus on the Teddy Bridgewater of […]

Mike Tomlin Is On Pace for .500; Joe & Shawn Are Thankful for Jonathan Taylor & Justin Fields; Plus, Indy Colts Have the Most Pro Bowlers (So Far)

Joe and Shawn are back in time to do their Week 16 preview! They start with a recap of the Week 15 Tuesday Night games. Then, they cover some news around the league including the initial Pro Bowl rosters. After that they go through the Week 16 games. Their joint 1st interesting game is the […]

Jaguars Are In Draft Driver Seat; 4th Down Analytics Are Broken; Plus, A Lot Of Divisions Are Wide Open

Joe and Shawn, again, were unable to record before Week 15, but they are here to recap a wild weekend (some games not included due to postponements)! They go back to Thursday Night and discuss the AFC West barnburner and war on 4th down analytics. Then, they delve into the rest of the action on […]

Mike Tomlin Needs 2020 Chase Claypool; BAL-CLE Refs Should Be Ashamed Of Themselves; Plus, Welcome to 2021 Where You Can’t Be An Asshole Coach

Joe and Shawn were unable to record before Week 14, but they are to recap a wild weekend! They go back to Thursday Night and discuss the near collapse by the Vikings as well as Chase Claypool. Then, they delve into the rest of the action on Sunday including the horrendous no-call on the play […]

It’s Always Sunny In New England; You Can Lie To the Public, But Not the NFL; Plus, All Old White Guy Coaches Look the Same

Joe and Shawn are back to recap Week 13, but Shawn has not cooled down and Joe is still drunk with joy. First, they discuss some of the news in the NFL as well as have a discussion about who the current frontrunners are for MVP. Shawn is so happy that the Detroit Lions won […]