The Only Difference Between Podcasts and Conversations Is Listenership…NFL Playoffs Are Here & We Have Content!

Joe decided he wanted to podcast and sent the OOB Signal out, which Shawn saw and decided not to ignore. They go through a myriad of recent topics around the NFL including, head coaching vacancies, potential head coaching hires and the NFL Playoffs! Thank you so much to all who have been patient in waiting […]

NFL Players Should Be Jealous of Ben Simmons; Week 4 is Full of Todd Packers & 2 Ships Passing in the Night; Plus, Someone Needs To Take the Mic Away From Mike McDaniel

Shawn is joined again by Caleb Gallion to discuss the Week 3 results as well as preview Week 4. When it comes to Week 3, they discuss the Bills-Dolphins game as well as the games they enjoyed the most, the games that surprised them and the ones that disappointed the most. Next, they discuss the […]

Seriously Indy, We Are Not Mad, We Are Just Really Disappointed; Plus, How Crazy Is This League?

Shawn is joined again by Caleb Gallion to discuss the Week 2 results as well as preview Week 3. When it comes to Week 2, they get their disappointments out of the way so they can what surprised them and what they enjoyed the most. Then they look towards the Week 3 games and discuss […]

Indy, We Are Not Mad, We Are Just Disappointed; Plus, Keep Aaron “Todd Packer” Rodgers Off My Lawn…I Mean TV…

Shawn is joined by Caleb Gallion to discuss the Week 1 results as well as preview Week 2. When it comes to Week 1, they discuss what they enjoyed, what they were surprised by and what they were disappointed in. After that, they discuss the Thursday Night Football game between the Kansas City Football Team […]

It’s the End of the Preseason (And We Made Picks!); Plus: Russell Wilson Was In the News…Twice!

Joe and Shawn are back just in time for Week 1! They start off by discussing not one, but TWO Russell Wilson stories! Then they get into making their Preseason Award predictions. Some chalk picks, some wild picks and one consensus pick. After that, they end the show with a blast from the past segment! […]

Guess Who’s Back…Back Again…Brady’s Back…Tell A Friend? Plus, Deshaun Watson Gets 11 Games, Derwin James Gets Paid & The Danny Etling Preseason Prop Bet

Joe and Shawn are back together! They eat the frog first and talk about the new negotiated punishment for Deshaun Watson. After that tough conversation, they talk about the new highest paid Safety in the league, Derwin James. Then, they get into the 3 news stories surrounding Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Bucaneers. They […]

Deshaun Watson update, NFL Receivers got PAID this summer and rest easy Bill Russell

Hello? Is anyone out there? It’s your favorite, hopefully, podcast back with a bang. Joe is joined by friend of the pod, Aaman Patel, for a nice quick chat. Deshaun Watson gets am update, while awaiting the NFLs next move. Deebo Samuel, like a whole lot of receivers this offseason got paid. What does it […]

Another New Guy? Come On! NFL Newz and Notez.

Joe wanders the streets for someone and who does he stumble upon? His friend Tony Hollandsworth! First time guest Tony joins Joe to talk about some of the news in the NFL. The Dwayne Haskins tragedy gets an even more sad update, the Washington Commanders are building for the future perhaps and which OTA stay […]

Somehow New England Increased Their Roster Age Via the Draft; RIP Matt Corral; Plus, HGH Is A Helluva Supplement

Joe and Shawn are finally back again to go over the 2022 NFL Draft as well as cover some NFL news. They start by discussing teams they felt did well and teams they were confused by. They quickly discuss the DeAndre Hopkins news and how it may affect the Cardinals 2022 season. After that, they […]

2022 Out Of Boundz Mock Draft Extravaganza! Plus, Who Should Trade For Deebo Samuel?

Joe and Shawn are back again to go over the 2022 NFL Draft’s First Round one last time, but with a twist! They go back and forth and take the players they think the teams they are in charge of should take. There are no trades allowed in this exercise as that would take forever. […]