Philly Could Give the Bucs Problems; Teams Need To Get Out of the “Norm”; Urban Meyer Doesn’t Last the Season; Dallas-New England Will Be the Most Insufferable Game; Plus, London Gets A Todd Packer Game of the Week

Joe and Shawn are back on track to preview the Week 6 matchups. First, they hand out the Bridgewater of the Week Award they missed on last episode. After going through all the games, they pick out the 3 they’re excited to see and their Todd Packer Game of the Week. Then they discuss what […]

The Cards Continue Their NFC West Dominance (Sort Of); Buffalo Dominates In Kansas City; Joe Still Has Questions About New Orleans & Washington; Derrick Henry Was the Only Reason To Watch That Game; Plus, Jon Gruden Finds Out About Consequences

Joe and Shawn are a day late, but not a take short. They go through every single Week 5 Matchup and state what they were thinking about coming out of each one. Then, Joe breaks down some injury news (sucks to be a football fan in New Jersey). They end the episode by providing some […]

The Cards Will Continue Their NFC West Dominance; NBA Has Put the NFL In A Corner; Buffalo Is Going To Win In Kansas City; We’re Still Going To Have Questions About New Orleans & Washington; This Is the Week Derrick Henry Separates Himself From the Other RBs; Plus, Bill Belichick is Steve Jobs

Joe and Shawn are back to discuss the upcoming Week 5 action. They start off with NFL News of players being released and signing elsewhere as well as players we thought were being released, but then got traded. After that, they run through all the games in the week. Then they discuss the 3 they […]

Ryan Succop Out-Kicks Nick Folk; Bills Join Super Bowl Winners In History; Kyler & the Cards Control the West; Plus, Joe & Shawn Argue the Bridgewater of the Week

Joe and Shawn are back to discuss the Week 4 action. Joe is living in misery with the Pats loss to Ryan Succop and the Bucs. Shawn can barely control his love for how the Bills are playing. At the end, they have an argument about the Bridgewater of the Week! Stay safe where you […]

Bill Belichick Circled This Game On His Calendar; Which Two 3-0 Teams Won’t Make the Playoffs? Can Shawn Curse TNF To Be A Good Game? The Next 5 Years Are Important For the NFC North; Winner of ARI/LAR Wins the NFC West; Plus, Analytics Are Here To Stay

Joe and Shawn are back to preview Week 4 after quickly discussing the Cowboys beating of the Eagles. They discuss what they are going to be paying attention to in every game. Shots are fired, Joe lives in denial and Shawn has fun at his expense. Plus, they state what they Think, Know & Can […]

Week 3 Is (Almost) In the Books; Matt Nagy Commits Malpractice; Matt Stafford & Cooper Kupp for Co-MVP; Plus, Joe Reminds Us He Has Cam Newton Stock

Joe and Shawn are back to review Week 3 as Dallas beats up the Eagles. They discuss what they took away from every game. There are some overreactions and hyperbole, which is par for the course with them. Plus, they agreed on the Bridgewater of the Week again after reviewing all the winning QBs. Stay […]

Week 3 of the NFL (Pre)Season! Can Defences Take Over? Will Rookie QBs Play Well? Plus, International Players Have Their Own Combine!

Joe and Shawn are back for the second time this week! They are previewing the Week 3 lineup of NFL Games! First, they have to talk about the Monday Night Football game because they were recording the last episode during the game. At the end, they have a brief discussion about the NFL’s upcoming International […]

Lamar vs Mahomes! Derrick Henry! Vikings Waste A Perfect Cousins Game; Plus, These Injuries Are the (Un)foreseen Consequence Of the CBA

Joe and Shawn are back after a pretty exciting Week 2 in the NFL. They recorded during the Lions-Packers game, but they had thoughts on the rest of the games. Some of their preview predictions were right. The Sunday Night Football game was really good, but we have questions about the Kansas City Football Team. […]

Week 2 Is For the RBs After A Rough TNF Game; Buffalo’s Fork In the Road; 49ers & Eagles Won’t Score Much; Plus Cowboys & Chargers Are Always Disappointed

Joe and Shawn are on a new schedule to get the episodes out for you! They discuss the insane ending of the season’s first Monday Night Football game in Las Vegas. The previously discuss Josh Gordon being reinstated and where he could go. After that, they go through what they are looking for out of […]

AFC East May Not Be As Good As We Thought; WTF Falcons & 49ers?!; Jacksonville Is In the News & the Scene Of A Crime; plus, Teddy B Love!

Joe and Shawn are back with a quick turnaround to recap Week 1. They go over all the games minus Monday Night Football. They discuss some of the injuries and news coming out. The hand out a new Out of Boundz Weekly Award. They end with a discussion of the Urban Meyer saga in Jacksonville. […]