Will the NBA Players Check Yes or No? And G-League goes AAU!

Listen along as Trey and Marcus discuss the news that NBPA asked the players to check yes or no on whether they wanted to return to play this year and what that will look like moving forward. Kai Sotto signing up for the G-League prep team also makes waves

Conference Wars

Come listen as Trey and Marcus pit the East against the West in all 15 matchups between the two conferences! Who wins a Hawks-Wolves series? Could the 76ers take down the Rockets? Tune in to find out!

Basketball on the Horizon?

Join Trey Hill, Marcus Wilson, and Joe McDonnell in the first episode of Charity Stripe Commentary! In this basketball focused podcast the guys discuss when basketball will be back this year and what form it will be, high school prospects jumping to the G League, and is this upcoming draft class have some sneaky good […]