Malone Makes Jokic Sit; LaVine Will Play Through Pain; Reggie Miller’s A Top 75 Player? Plus, Changes In Play & Possible Side Effects

Trey and Shawn are back to discuss some news out of the NBA. They start with a discussion about Nikola Jokic’s knee injury in the Utah Jazz game and potential ramifications in the near future. Then they discuss Trey’s Chicago Bulls, including Zach LaVine & Nikola Vucevic. Next, they provide some of their thoughts on […]

Charlotte Outlook with At The Hive’s James Plowright

Bandwagon Charlotte Hornets fan and host Trey Hill tracks down a Hornets OG supporter in James Plowright (@British_Buzz) to take a look at the wild first win for LaMelo and company and what to look for moving forward. Make sure to check out everything Hornets with James and the rest of the crew over at […]

Part 2 of the NBA Preview: Who’s the Best In The West?

Shawn & Trey are back to do the second part of their NBA preview! They get to the Western Conference. Shawn leads them through each division and provides his rankings of the teams. There’s a little bit of agreement, but a good number of differences in how each of them feel the West will work […]

Part 1 of the NBA Preview: Beasts In The East!

Shawn, Trey & Marcus are back to do the first part of their NBA preview! They start with the Eastern Conference. Shawn leads them through each conference and provides his rankings of the teams. There’s a little bit of agreement, but a good number of differences in how each of them feel the East will […]

There’s Money On the Table, Says Your Cheap Excuses Won’t Work; 76ers Are Withholding Cash From Ben Simmons; Plus, The NBA Should Just Send the Non-Vaccinated Home

Trey & Shawn returned to discuss the neverending saga that is the Philadelphia 76ers and Ben Simmons. Following that, they got into a discussion about what to do with the very loud 10% of players that are not (and seem to never want to be) vaccinated. This includes a talk about the silent vaccinated players […]

We’re Back To Work, Ben Simmon Is Not; What Is the John Wall Trade Market? Will New Orleans Trade Zion?

Trey, Marcus & Shawn are back together to discuss Ben Simmons again! Will he ever play for Philadelphia again? Will Daryl Morey accept a more realistic offer? Then they get into John Wall’s request to play anywhere, but Houston. Is there a trade for him? Will he just get bought out? Lastly, they discuss the […]

Ben Simmons Wants Out, Capela Gets Locked In

Trey and Shawn get together to discuss Ben Simmons deciding he won’t show up for training camp and what the ramifications are going forward. How much does it tank his trade value? Does it tank more once the season starts? What team does he start and end the season with? Then they take a look […]

Rachel Nichols and The Jump Takes A Knee, The Crew Dissects the Lakers Fit

Shawn, Marcus, and Trey get together to talk about the NBA news of the day. ESPN deciding to have Rachel Nichols sit out the rest of her contract and removing The Jump from the air out of nowhere gave the group an easy topic to start trying to piece together why do this now, what […]

Boston Make the Smart Choice; Terry Rozier Gets Paid Again; Vegas Might Have Made A Mistake With the Wizards Over/Under; Plus, We’re Really Down On the Sixers This Year

Trey & Shawn are back to discuss the 2 most recent max extensions signed. They start by discussing Boston signing Marcus Smart to what they deem to be a great contract. Then they discuss the Terry Rozier contract signed by Charlotte. Trey is really high on it and backs it up with stats while Shawn […]

There Is Hope In Chicago After Drafting Well Last Year & Hitting Big In Free Agency with Youtuber Playoff Makai!

Trey couldn’t wait for Shawn to get off work, so he put out the Bulls signal and it was answered by Youtuber & podcaster, Playoff Makai, to talk all things Chicago Bulls. They geek out over the young team and how the executives have done during free agency. Follow Makai on Twitter @KaiFrenchFry and check […]