You Gotta Know When To Hold Them & Know When To Fold Them; Zach LaVine Sweepstakes Are Open; Plus, Two Angry White Dads Yelling At the Clouds

Shawn and Trey are back again to discuss how they’ve felt about the Conference Finals so far. They make the assumption that the Warriors were going to finish off the series the following day. Don’t tell Shawn’s wife, but he admits that he only checks in on the Boston-Miami late in the games. Then, they […]

Round 2 Reactions with Caleb Gallion

Trey is joined by friend-of-the-pod Caleb Gallion to talk about everything going on in Round 2 of the NBA playoffs so far! Stay safe wherever you are and be sure to check out the following links: Follow Caleb on Twitter! @caleb_gallion Our YouTube Page  for all of our videos! (Be sure to Subscribe to be […]

It’s Better To Burn Out Than To Fade Away; Gotta Have A New York State Of Mind; Plus, Which Teams Are Most Likely To Win the Title?

Trey is back to talk playoffs with guest Leon Collington! First, they dive into what is wrong with the Nets and how to fix it going into next season. Then, they draft three teams each to win the title and discuss the highs and lows of each team before wrapping up by highlighting 1st round […]

X-Rated Limericks Are Less Controversial Than Raptors In 5; Basketball & Poetry Go Together Like the Suns & the 2nd Round; Plus, Playoff Basketball Is Poetry To Our Ears

Shawn, Trey and Marcus are all back together and joined by a guest from the HoopsSocial-verse, Michael Shearer of Basketball Poetry fame! They start off with their MVP Picks and why they went with their specific order. After that, they do a preview of the NBA Playoffs by going through each series (before the 8-seeds […]

Boston Has Celtics Fans Picking Out Their Championship Gear; T-Wolves Looking To Leave the Play-In Tourney; Plus, Things Are Finally Looking Up In Detroit Since Getting MB35!

Shawn, Trey and Marcus are all back together to discuss the happenings around the NBA as we near the NBA Playoffs. They start off by discussing how well the Boston Celtics have been playing since the All-Star Break and they got Derrick White. Then, they move onto the Minnesota Timberwolves and their quest to pass […]

Engage Raptors Twitter At Your Own Peril; DeAndre Ayton Deserves All the Money; Plus, the 2 Big Line-Up Revolution Will Be Televised!

Shawn and Trey are back to discuss the happenings around the NBA going into the last quarter of the season. They start off by discussing how well Ayton and the Suns have played as well as the decisions facing Sarver. This leads to a conversation about teams utilizing a 2 Big lineup: Pelicans, Grizzlies, Cavaliers, […]

What If The NBA Draft Disappeared?

On the latest edition of Charity Stripe Commentary host Trey Hill is joined by guest Jordan Ennis from Assisted Development to answer a Marvel-style “What If” about the draft disappearing. The two take a look at a system that hopefully finds a way to reward players with freedom of choice while still enabling the teams […]

A Slow Start To the Trade Deadline Day Ended With A Whirlwind That Left Us Exhausted; Plus, We Still Can’t Decide Who Won the Harden/Simmons Trade

Shawn and Marcus are back to discuss the happenings around the NBA on Trade Deadline Day. They start off with the reactions to Utah trading away Joe Ingles. Then they get into the 4-teamer that started the day off followed by the Raptors/Spurs trade. Like everyone else, they have to discuss the Harden/Simmons (aka Nets/Sixers) […]

Portland No Longer Wants To Be A Luxury; Borego May Need To Coach Bouknight Differently; Plus, the NFL Deserves the Reckoning Coming Their Way

Shawn, Marcus and Trey are back together to discuss the happenings in the NBA (plus some NFL at the end)! They start off by conversing and providing their worked out reactions to the Blazers/Clippers trade. Then they turn their attention to the Bouknight situation in Charlotte and it may have happened. Afterwards, they each pick […]

Grayson Allen Is This Way Because of Coach K; Jokić, Embiid & Giannis Are the MVP Front-Runners; Plus, Aaron Rodgers Is the Karl Malone Of the NFL

Shawn and Trey are back together to discuss some NBA News. They start with some thoughts on Aaron Rodgers losing in the playoffs, again. This leads to a discussion about how players are attacking players going to the cup, specifically: Grayson Allen, Taylor Horton-Tucker, De’Aaron Fox. Shawn also holds Coach K partially responsible for Grayson […]