Winners All-‘Round in Sam Darnold Trade; Sammy Watkins is Feeling At Home in Baltimore; Great Women’s & Men’s NCAA Championships; Our Top 5 Things We’re Not Sure Of; Plus Stop Anti-Asian Hate & the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics

Joe and Shawn are back for another week of NFL news and thoughts. They start off with their thoughts on the Sam Darnold trade to Carolina. Then they discuss Sammy Watkins’ comments about how Lamar Jackson could be great, if his teammates step up. Then they discuss the Women’s and Men’s NCAA Basketball Championship games. Finally, they get into each of their 5 Things They Are Not Sure Of Lists.

In their final thoughts, Shawn shines more light on the Anti-Asian Hate that has been happening in North America for much longer then just this last year & Joe discusses the talk of potential boycotts by some countries for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.

Stay safe where you are and be sure to check out Joe’s appearance on the Angry White Dad Podcast.

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