Thoughts Go Out to Tiger Wood’s Children, Hoping Mike Tomlin Recovers from COVID-19, Alex Smith Didn’t Feel Welcome in Washington, MLB Execs Don’t Seem to Know Baseball has International Players, Which Players Should be Franchise Tagged, New Malcolm X Evidence & Myles Turner Turns Trolling into Help for Texas

Join Joe and Shawn as they discuss the early details of the Tiger Woods accident; Mike Tomlin being diagnosed with COVID-19; Alex Smith’s comments that the Washington Football Team didn’t actually want him to play that well and the stupidity of the Seattle Mariners’ former CEO. Then they get into some of the players that could potentially be Franchise Tagged and whether the team should.

In their final thoughts, Shawn recommends looking into the new evidence regarding the killing of Malcolm X and how the FBI tried to blackmail MLK and Joe discusses how Myles Turner helped raise $76K+ to help Texans.

Stay safe wherever you are.

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