Quick Thoughts on Dak Prescott Signing, Best Franchise Tagging & Head Scratching Tag Plus Part One of Which Players We Would Go Back & Grab From Each Team’s History with Dan Pecora (from Snowflake Sports Podcast) (AFC Teams)

Join Joe and Shawn as they welcome a guest for a fun episode, Dan Pecora (from Snowflakes Sports Podcast, to discuss some NFL news as well as a fun concept to make each team member. They start off by discussing their quick thoughts on the Cowboys coming to terms with Dak Prescott as well as the 9 other players that were Franchise Tagged. Then they get into a fun experiment where they each pick a single player from each team’s history to put on the current roster to win the Super Bowl.

We split the podcast into two parts, so the AFC teams are discussed in this part and look out for the second part where we discuss the NFC teams.

Stay safe wherever you are.

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