Out of Boundz Playoff Team Lottery Mock Draft Plus Russell Wilson Didn’t Ask for a Trade (Sort Of), Deshaun Watson Will Not Dress for Houston & DeMaurice Smith Wants the Agents to Collude

Join Joe and Shawn as they go through the rest of the Lottery Mock Draft they hosted online. This time it was with the picks of the NFL teams that made the playoffs which we had listeners do with us and here are the results. Before we did that, we went over some news regarding Russell Wilson’s agent’s comments, Deshaun Watson informing David Culley he would not be playing, and DeMaurice Smith’s collusion comments to the agents on a Zoom call.

In their final thoughts, Shawn laments on the fact that he just learned that inoculation was discovered by a slave before the Revolutionary War and Joe explains how we need to learn to include the uncomfortable parts when telling a historical story.

Stay safe wherever you are.

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