NFL Owners Secured the Bag; Trent Williams Is Not Risking Future Money; Arizona Cardinals Made Some Great Moves; Pedro Cerrano is a Prototype Namesake; Bill Belichick is Playing 4-D Chess; Don’t Tell Jon Gruden the Offensive Line is Important; A Quick Primer For NCAA COVID Tournament & Super Bowl MVP Doug Williams is Helping HBCU Football Players

Join Joe and Shawn as they go through some breaking NFL news as well as more Free Agent signings. They start off by discussing the news of the NFL Owners finalizing the TV deals and whether the 17th game is a good idea. Then they go through some more Free Agent signings that had been reported by recording time (March 18 @ 9 PM EST) as well as players that have met with teams. They finish off with a primer for the COVID NCAA Tournament from Shawn.

In their final thoughts, Shawn discusses that his wife, son and him now live at home like I Am Legend and Joe talks about new HBCU Football Highlight Game that Doug Williams is starting in 2022.

Stay safe wherever you are and be sure to check out Sideline Coverage for additional material!

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