Goodell is Throwing Shade at Owners, Favre Provides Thoughts about the Watson Trade Saga, Amendola Stakes a Take that got Joe Heated & the Tom Brady Buccaneers Made It to The Big Game!

Join Joe and Shawn as they discuss some NFL news as well as a deep dive on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers heading into the Super Bowl. They discuss Roger Goodell’s thoughts on the lack of minority hiring, Brett Favre’s “thoughts” about the Deshaun Watson saga as well as Danny Amendola’s spicy take on who is the true architect of the “Patriot Way”. Then they do a deep dive into the Bucs season, playoffs and how they can win the Lombardi Trophy.

In their final thoughts, Shawn discusses the Canada’s Rosa Parks, Viola Desmond, and the lack of Black History in Canada’s education curriculum. Joe discusses Robert Kraft’s philanthropic use of his Private Jets regarding the procurement of the vaccine as well as sending vaccinated health care workers to the Super Bowl.

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