Carl Nassib Needs To Be Celebrated; Frank Clark Has Not Learned; Pittsburgh Steelers Are Doing Their Best Las Vegas Raiders Impression; Tom Brady Respects No Other QBs; Other Stadiums Can Host The Combine Now; NFL Will Let NFL Teams Have A 2nd Helmet & Opt-Outs Are Here For Some; Lamar Jackson’s Next Contract Could Be A Turning Point; Plus…HABS WIN!

Joe and Shawn are back on time (despite missing the Tuesday recording again). They start off with a celebration of Carl Nassib being the first active NFL player to come out as not heterosexual. Then they quickly discuss the news of Frank Clark’s gun possession charge and the potential implications this season. After that, they discuss Pittsburgh’s Las Vegas impression followed by Tom Brady’s quote that has been leaked from his upcoming appearance on “The Shop”. Then they run through a discussion about other stadiums being allowed to apply to host the Combine, Draft and Super Bowl; the NFL loosening up their 2nd helmet restrictions and the rules regarding opt-outs for the 2021 season. At the end, they discuss Lamar Jackson and his mother, Felicia Jones, negotiating his next contract without an agent. All of this happened while Shawn was watching the Montreal Canadiens advance to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Stay safe where you are!

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