Le’Veon Bell is Firing Strays at Andy Reid; Justin Fields Showed Matt Nagy Should Really Stick to Coach Speak; Cole Beasley is on Shawn’s Eye-Roll List; Navy’s Football Program Could Start Crumbling; Plus, the Three-Headed DB Holdout Monster

Joe and Shawn are back on time (despite missing the Tuesday recording). They start off with a discussion of Le’Veon Bell’s Andy Reid comments. Then they get into Matt Nagy saying the wrong thing that could be held against him in September. After that, they discuss Shawn’s favourite team, the Buffalo Bills, and some of their players’ fight with science. Following that, they discuss one of the newest free agent signings of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Cameron Kinley, who may not be able to play in the NFL because of the Naval Academy. At the end, they go through the 3 defensive backs that are currently sitting out mandatory mini-camp.

Stay safe where you are!

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