Kansas City’s Depth is Injured; Jordan Brand Gets Their 1st QB; Russell Wilson States He Never Specifically Asked to be Traded; Plus the 7 Deadly Questions to the Mystique of the Shield

Joe and Shawn for an episode recorded last week (Shawn had to fix parts of his audio so you could listen to it). They start off by talking about Kyle Long’s non-contact injury on the first day of minicamp. Then they discuss the news of Jordan Brand signing Dak Prescott from Adidas and this being their first QB ever. Before their big topic of the episode they look back at a topic from earlier in the offseason regarding Russell Wilson. Finally, they end the show by coming up with the 7 questions from Out of Boundz Podcast that the NFL would never want to hear or answer. Topics include: Gambling, Concussions, Steroids, Domestic Violence, Cheating, International Games and Tampering.

Stay safe where you are!

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