RIP Jim Fassel; Aaron Rodgers Shows He’s Serious About Leaving Green Bay; Julio Jones Leaves Atlanta; Ju’Wuan James is Signed While They Sue; We’re Making QBs Stocks & Bonds; Plus, Another Phone Call Recording

Joe and Shawn are back again this week (again, hopefully for the 1st time and not the only time) with a lot of news that has been coming out of the NFL in the last week. They start off by talking about what they remember about Jim Fassel. Then they discuss the news of Aaron Rodgers not showing up for Mandatory Mini-Camp and how the Green Bay Packers’ fans are reacting. This leads into a discussion of the Julio Jones trade as well as Ju’Wuan James signing with the Ravens and suing the Broncos. The big topic of the night was a discussion that Joe started on Locker Room where we treat QBs like Stocks/Bonds and start to assign some dollar amounts. At the end, the guys have a surprise phone call recording!

Stay safe where you are!

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