Next Stop is Hall of Fame for Adam Vinatieri; Unvaccinated NFL Personnel are in the No Fun Zone; RJ Young’s Ultimate HBCU Team; Plus, There’s a New Hall of Fame In Town

Joe and Shawn are back again this week (hopefully for the 1st time and not the only time) with the little bit of news that has been coming out of the NFL. They start off with the retirement of Adam Vinatieri and whether he is a first ballot Hall of Famer or not. Then they discuss the revelation of the different rules the NFL has put in place for vaccinated personnel vs non-vaccinated. Afterwards, they discuss RJ Young’s HBCU Offensive and Defensive Lineups. This leads to their big idea that a “Football Hall of Fame” needs to be created to celebrate the players that will not make the Pro Football Hall of Fame, but deserve to be celebrated.

Stay safe where you are!

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