The NFL Has Upgraded Some Rules & Downgraded Others; Tom Brady Is Dying On A Terrible Hill; Valuable Players Get Their Own Helmet; The Eagles Are A Dumpster Fire; Our Top 5 LBs in the 2021 NFL Draft; Plus North American Sports Needs Relegation

Back again this week, Joe and Shawn record their thoughts on some news and another position group in the draft. They start off with their thoughts on the NFL Rule Changes that were approved. This includes the Jersey Numbers which caused Tom Brady to lose his mind. Afterwards, they discuss the new helmet . Then they get into a discussion of how the Philadelphia Eagles are still a dumpster fire. They end with a discussion of each of our Top 5 LBs in the 2021 NFL Draft and where we think their best fit would be.

This week, Shawn’s big idea is that Relegation/Promotion should be brought to the NFL.

Stay safe where you are!

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