Optional Workouts Are Not Mandatory; Julian Edelman Is Not A HOFer (Unless You’re A Pats Fan); Our Top 5 WRs In The 2021 NFL Draft; Plus MLB Replay System Needs A Review

After a short hiatus, Joe and Shawn are back for another week of NFL news and thoughts. They start off with their thoughts on the NFLPA requesting (demanding?) the OTAs to be virtual with the Broncos, Seahawks & Buccaneers players stating they’re not showing up. Then they get into a discussion being had as to whether Julian Edelman should be elected into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. We end with a discussion of each of our Top 5 WRs in the 2021 NFL Draft and where we think their best fit would be.

Instead of two final thoughts, the boys are trying something new. They pick a bigger sports topic/idea and discuss it. Their first one is a review of MLB’s Replay System.

Stay safe where you are and be sure to check out Joe’s appearance on the Angry White Dad Podcast.

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