NFL Players Should Be Jealous of Ben Simmons; Week 4 is Full of Todd Packers & 2 Ships Passing in the Night; Plus, Someone Needs To Take the Mic Away From Mike McDaniel

Shawn is joined again by Caleb Gallion to discuss the Week 3 results as well as preview Week 4. When it comes to Week 3, they discuss the Bills-Dolphins game as well as the games they enjoyed the most, the games that surprised them and the ones that disappointed the most. Next, they discuss the Thursday Night Game between the Dolphins and Bengals and how the NFL and Miami let Tua down. After that, they look towards the Week 4 games and discuss what they are looking forward to, what they cannot figure out and their Todd Packer game of the week. Lastly, they go through and make their picks of how they see the games going.

Stay safe where you are, stay healthy and it’s okay to not be okay.

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