Tom Brady & Aaron Rodgers Are the Rolling Stones & AC/DC of the NFL; Packers Are Getting Rodgers’ Excuses Ready For Him; Plus, Washington Commanders Pay For Carson Wentz

Joe and Shawn are back to record their thoughts on the big news that had happened since the last episode. There was so much news that they couldn’t get into the Free Agent signings that were happening. They start off with the tiresome news of Tom Brady “unretiring” from the NFL and going back to the Buccaneers like he had not tried to get sent elsewhere. Next, they quickly discuss the Deshaun Watson situation and why the NFL is dropping the ball. After that, they get into some of the players that were released. Lastly, they get into some of the trades that have occurred over the last week, including the Colts trading Carson Wentz.

Stay safe where you are, stay healthy and it’s okay to not be okay.

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