Sorry For the Delay, But Troy Aikman Is the New Shiny Toy For ESPN; the Rooney’s Have A Chance To Earn Their “The Rooney Rule” Title; Plus, Joe Prefers Mr. Pibb Over Dr. Pepper…

Joe and Shawn are back to record some offseason thoughts. First, they discuss Brian Flores being hired by Mike Tomlin to work on the defensive staff as well as his comments that he was asked to sign a NDA by the Dolphins. Then, they get into the potential situation of a strike at the NFL Combine and that agents may be able to wield more power than before. After that, they briefly discuss some of the new information coming out from the Deshaun Watson legal battle. Next, they discuss the partnership that’s not a partnership between the NFL and the XFL and what rules the NFL should experiment with. Lastly, they discuss the breaking news of Troy Aikman going to ESPN for Monday Night Football.

Stay safe where you are, stay healthy and it’s okay to not be okay.

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