Tom Brady Retires On His Own Terms…Sort Of; Brian Flores Is Shining the Light On the White Cockroaches In the League; Plus, Is QB Coach Joe Brady’s Ceiling?

Joe and Shawn are back to record their thoughts on the two big NFL news items: Tom Brady retiring and Brian Flores’ lawsuit. They start with Tom Brady’s retirement with discussion of the “chicken or the egg” argument of Tom Brady vs Bill Belichick as well as his lasting impact. Then, they get into the nitty gritty of what has come out of the Brian Flores lawsuit, their thoughts on the Rooney Rule and how the NFL has handled it as well as what this could mean for the future. At the end, Shawn ask’s Joe a question about the Bills’ new QB Coach, Joe Brady.

Stay safe where you are, stay healthy and it’s okay to not be okay…it’s PLAYOFF FOOTBALL!!

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