RIP John Madden: the Greatest Thing To Happen To the NFL; Has Your Team’s QB Gotten COVID Yet? Plus, the Mount Rushmore Of NFL Personalities

Joe and Shawn are back to do their Week 17 preview, but first they have to discuss their love of John Madden and remember some of the great things he did for the NFL. They also discuss some of the news that has come out, which include changes to COVID isolation rules and the Jaguars coaching search. Then, they go back in time to discuss the Week 16 Monday Night Game before they preview the games they are looking forward to in Week 17 as well as the game they each don’t want to watch. They end the show by completing a Mount Rushmore of NFL Personalities (Announcers, Coaches, Players, Owners, etc.) and some New Year’s NFL Resolutions.

Stay safe where you are, stay healthy and it’s okay to not be okay.

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