It’s Massholes vs Canada South; America, I mean Dallas, Needs A Win; How Long Will Journeyman Adrien Peterson Be Sleepless? Plus, Dan Pecora Joins the Pod For A Double Dose of Bills Mafia

Joe and Shawn are back with the Week 13 Preview and, oh boy, is it a doozy! They are joined by fellow Bills Mafia Member, and Western New York native, Dan Pecora (@LuckyProfession) to ensure that the Bills get equal talking time to the Pats. First, they get into some news around the league followed by a recap of the slugfest that was the Monday Night Game to finish off Week 12. Then, they go through all the games this weekend and pick out 2 games each that they are interested in as well as each of their Todd Packer Games. At the end, they discuss the Game of the Week for the 3 of them, New England @ Buffalo. They provide their predictions and hopes while taking shots at each other. They reiterate that they will not be recording Monday Night to ensure one side as the chance to cool down while the other side sobers up from the celebrations.

Stay safe where you are, stay healthy and it’s okay to not be okay.

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