Steelers Are Lucky MNF Isn’t Longer; the NFL Doesn’t Care About Your Health; Who Will Keep OBJ In Line In LA? Plus, A Couple Petty Todd Packer Game of the Week Selections

Joe and Shawn are back and boy, Shawn is not happy. After Shawn airs some grievances, they get into the wild ending Monday Night Game. Then they get into the copious amounts of new coming out of Week 9 and going into Week 10, including the NFL’s outrageously disrespectful (to public health) handling of Green Bay’s situation and what they should have done. Then they get into the upcoming Week 10 action where they have some overlap in their Interesting Games as well as different petty reasons for their Todd Packer selections. At the end, they discuss the NFL’s problem, and lack of caring, when it comes to dealing with their employees and domestic violence as well as provide recommendations of steps they could take in the right direction.

Stay safe where you are, stay healthy and get vaccinated if you can.

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