Teddy Bridgewater! Kansas City Football Team Was Yikesier Than Green Bay; Colt McCoy Takes the Pressure Off Kingsbury; Plus, Aaron Rodgers Is One of the Worst People In the World

Joe and Shawn are back to discuss the crazy Week 9 weekend. Shawn is not worried about the defense, but very worried about the Buffalo Bills’ offense. Joe is super-pumped about the Patriots beating another bad team. They hand about the Bridgewater of the Week and are so happy with who they selected as the winner. Then they discuss some of the news coming out of the weekend, including another troubled Raiders player being released. Then they discuss the current playoff picture and how fluid it is. At the end, Joe lets Shawn air some more grievances about Aaron Rodger’s disgusting behaviour on the Pat McAfee Show and Joe joins in.

Stay safe where you are and stay healthy!

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