Cleaning Up NFL Free Agency While Naming Winners and Losers; Robert Kraft Talks Like a Regular Rich Guy; Fan Attendance at Japanese Olympics; NCAA Tournament is Truly Madness; Plus RIP Elgin Baylor, Raptors All-Female NBA Broadcast & Support the White Helmets If You Can

Join Joe and Shawn as they clean up the free agency signings that they missed or happened after the last episode. Then they discuss Robert Kraft’s comments about the amount of money that the New England Patriots spent in Free Agency. Afterwards, they each name 2 winners and losers. Then, they discuss Japan’s decision to not allow International fans to attend the Olympics. Lastly, they discuss the madness that has been the NCAA Tournament.

In their final thoughts, Shawn discusses the Toronto Raptors upcoming all-female NBA Broadcast and Joe calls attention to the work of the White Helmets in the Syrian Civil War.

Stay safe wherever you are and be sure to check out Sideline Coverage for additional material!

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