Ben from Pittsburgh is Playing Year-to-Year, If Russell and the Seahawks Will End Their Staring Contest Plus Where We Think Some of the Free Agents Should Go with New Team Member Brendan Peterman

Join Joe and Shawn as they welcome a new member to the podcasting team, Brendan Peterman, to discuss the NFL as well as introduce his new Podcast, A Ginger Tailgate: The Old College Try. They start off by discussing the Steelers stretching out Ben Roethlisberger’s contract. Then they get into some thoughts on whether Russell Wilson and the Seattle Seahawks end up coming back together. After that, they go through a number of the free agents and where they should go.

In their final thoughts, Shawn is flabbergast by the stat that NFL players only make, on average, 60% of the amount they sign contracts for and Joe discusses the MLB making June 2nd Lou Gehrig/ALS Day.

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