Hello World! This is the Angry White Dad!

The Angry White Dad website is up and running after having to redirect the Nameservers for my domain from NameCheap (where I purchased it) to DreamHost (my hosting provider).

I recommend both of them: Namecheap has excellent prices for websites and DreamHost has an excellent hosting platform and customer service!

I started this website as a way to let out my voice about issues of importance to me.  My wife, the Anxious White Mom (AWM), had told me to start a journal as a polite way to inform me that she no longer wanted to hear me rant at her about whatever was driving me mad at the time (or astonished me, but was of no interest to her).

I will be covering a number of topics depending on how I’m feeling that day.  I can also be found on Twitter @AnAngryWhiteDad and on Facebook at

I have also launched a Podcast with the details available here!



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