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Episode 29: COVID NCAA Tournament Is Here, White People Need To Stop Hiding Behind Terrible Excuses For Their Racism Plus Coping With Loss & Reaching Out To The People In Your Life As Well As The Estranged

In this episode, I discuss the disgusting trend of racism from white people recently as well as the terrible excuses they are trying to use.  I then discuss how 2021 has been tough and that we should all be reaching out to those in our lives as well as the ones that have become estranged.  Then I finish with some thoughts on the NCAA pushing ahead with the tournament and the fact that the players should be compensated as they are the reason the tournament has gotten as big as it has.

Make sure to check me out on the Charity Stripe Commentary & Out of Boundz Podcasts.  We can get through this, but we have to do it together.

You can listen below or on the Angry White Dad Podcast Page!

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