Bucks In 6 Is Back In Play; Game 4 Was A Giannis Masterpiece (After His Tinkle); NBA Refs Need To Go To FIBA School; Bucks Defensive Shifts Have Been On Point; Giannis Is The Only NBA Player That Could Have Made That Block; Plus, Keys For Each Team To Take Home The Championship

Shawn and Trey discuss Game 4 of the NBA Finals with Marcus joining halfway through. They discuss the importance of Giannis getting Middleton involved in the 2nd half to help seal the win for the Bucks. They also discuss the defensive adjustments that the Bucks were making to shut down Chris Paul. They praise the shooting of Devin Booker while also pointing out that he needs to get Mikhal Bridges and Cam Johnson more involved when the Bucks stopped CP3 from doing what he did best. They also show love to Giannis for the incredible block on the lob to DeAndre Ayton. Towards the end, Shawn has Marcus explain what the Suns need to do to win the series and Trey to do the same with the Bucks.

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