DeAndre Ayton Has Been Brilliant This Playoffs & Very Important to the Suns Success; Free Throw Discrepancies Are Something To Watch When Back in Milwaukee; Plus, Hurricanes Provide Relaxing Days Off for Floridians & Shawn Still Sucks At Segues

Shawn and Marcus get together to discuss Game 1 of the NBA Finals plus what they see happening the rest of the series. They have lots of praise for DeAndre Ayton and believe he should be the MVP if the Suns win. Marcus feels that there is a hard cap to the Bucks’ abilities to win the championship as Devin Booker did not have a great game and the Suns still dominated. Shawn is very interested to see if free throw discrepancies can affect the rest of the series in Bucks favour and that the Bucks must get Ayton into foul trouble every game for a better chance. At the end, they discuss the leaked conversation between Rachel Nichols and Adam Mendelsohn that has lit the NBA Twitterverse ablaze for Marcus’ point-of-view as to what has transpired.

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