Bucks Might Be Better Without Giannis Antetokounmpo Or He Needs To Be Game 5 Brook Lopez; DeAndre Ayton’s Rebounding Is Extremely Important; Trey Believes It’s Bucks In 6 While Shawn’s Riding With The Bright Future Suns; Plus Rachel Nichols and Adam Mendelsohn Are Not True Allies

Shawn and Trey get together to provide a preview of the NBA Finals. Trey believes the Bucks will be the winners while Shawn has picked the Suns. They discuss the Bucks performance in Game 5 & 6 of the Eastern Conference Finals without Giannis and what it means for the NBA Finals. They also get into what the ideal defensive matchups would be for each team and what each team needs to do to succeed. After that, they discuss the leaked conversation between Rachel Nichols and Adam Mendelsohn that has lit the NBA Twitterverse ablaze.

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