Becky Hammond Should Be A Head Coach, But Portland Screams D’Antoni; OKC Fleeced Boston for SGA’s New Mentor; Ben Simmons Is Not A Point Guard; The Bucks Should Be Scared; Bright Future Suns To The Finals; Draft Lottery Preview; Plus A Ton Of Tangents & So-So Segues

Shawn is joined by an injured Marcus to discuss some NBA News, the Playoffs and preview the Draft Lottery. They discuss the Blazers head coaching job and the 3 finalists for the job. Then they get into the Boston-OKC trade with Kemba Walker and Al Horford. Afterwards, they get into the problems with Ben Simmons at Philadelphia. They also do a preview of the Eastern Conference Final where they try to figure out who Giannis is defending. They quickly discuss the Western Conference Final, but they assume the Bright Future Suns are going through quickly with Kawhi out. At the end, they do a preview of the NBA Draft Lottery and best fits for Cade, which teams will trade out of #1 and where Cade does not want to go there.

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