LaMelo Ball Has A Contagious Style That Wins Awards; The Basketball Gods Do Not Want CP3 To Win; Paul George Needs to Make Up for Kawhi’s Injury; Stan Van Gundy Had a Short Stay in New Orleans; Scotty Brooks Has Worn Out His Welcome in DC; There Might Be a Fire Brewing in Kentucky; Plus, We May See a Female Head Coach Soon

Shawn, again, sent out the CSC Signal because of a roller coaster day of news and Trey answered! They started off with the great news of LaMelo Ball winning Rookie of the Year as well as giving love to Anthony Edwards for his 2nd Half of the Season. Then they get into the two players that will be missing time, Chris Paul and Kawhi Leonard. After discussing the rest of the playoffs, they discuss Stan Van Gundy and Scotty Brooks being out as coaches at their respective teams. They end with a discussion of John Calipari saying he’s open to returning to the NBA as well as what that potentially could mean for Kentucky’s program.

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