Defence Only Wins When Your Offence Can Make Shots, NCAA & NBA Are Very Different, the Corner 3 is not a Risky Shot, Kevin Durant Makes Teammates Better, Larry Nance Jr Injury News, Where to Trade Jerami Grant, Surprise Teams and the NFL’s Big Game.

Listen to Shawn and Marcus as they discuss a myriad of topics in the basketball world (plus a quick NFL discussion). They start with the importance of having an offence that makes shots and how it could be more important than a good defence (look at the Mavs’ Seth Curry for Josh Richardson trade). Then they get into the differences between the basketball played in the NCAA versus the NBA. This leads to a discussion about whether the corner 3 should be removed from the NBA by widening the court to create more space for the athletes followed by a discussion about the importance of rotations and Kevin Durant being the most important scorer for the Nets. The Larry Nance Jr news break during the pod and we discuss Jerami Grant trade destinations. We end with a small discussion on the NFL’s big game.

Shawn and Marcus talk about their respective teams throughout this episode (Toronto Raptors & Miami Heat)

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