Al Horford is Told to Stay Home; Andre Drummond Might be the Best Buyout Signing; NCAA Tournament Players to Watch; Denver Nuggets Might Be the Best Team in the West; LA Clippers Play to Their Competition

In the first part of the episode, Shawn is joined by Marcus to chat about some of the fallout from the Trade Deadline and Buyout Market. They start with discussion about Al Horford being told to stay home followed by a discussion about the Lakers signing Andre Drummond. The finish off with a discussion about the NCAA Tournament.

In the second part, Shawn is joined by Trey for some basketball discussions. They start with a continued discussion of the NCAA Tournament. Then they get into how Aaron Gordon has fit into the Denver offence as well as how the Clippers seem to play to their competition, sometimes to their detriment.

Stay safe wherever you are.

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