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Episode 34: RED ALERT DUKE FANS! THIS IS NOT A DRILL! Coach K is Retiring! Plus, Social Media Can Ruin Your Day; Kawhi & PG Survive & 76ers May Be In Trouble

In this episode, I discuss how social media can ruin your day and we need to be conscientious of its affect on our lives.  I also give my thoughts on Coach K’s retirement announcement plus I discuss a few of the NBA Playoff games. June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada, please visit the […]

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Episode 33: White People Are the Worst…They Equal What Slipknot Said; The NBA Needs to do Something About Their Fans; Plus, June is National Indigenous History Month in Canada

In this episode, I get some of my feelings about white people in North America off my chest.  First, I get into the atrocities that were the whole Residential School System in Canada and the role of the Catholic Church and their refusal to take ownership of that role.  I also get into what has […]

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Episode 32: Awesome Conversation with Tom Stevens, Podcaster on the Rise at the USUK Podcast Network Plus Mount Rushmore of Metalcore Bands

In this episode, I speak with Tom Stevens, from the USUK Podcast Network, as they are on the rise!  We have a free-flowing conversation touching on a myriad of topics including: South Park, Scotland’s push for Independence, differences in health care, gun control and policing between UK, Canada & US, the brilliance of John Oliver […]

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Episode 31: Our Unconscious Bias in Hair & Clothing; Mandatory Paid Sick Leave is Not the Answer; Universal Basic Income is the Answer; Plus Promo for Out of Boundz Podcast Live Feed on Thursday

In this episode, I discuss how we have unconscious biases in how we want people to dress and wear their hair in certain settings and how that needs to change as well as try to explain the inadvertent racism within these “rules”.  Then I get into a discussion about the Liberal’s Mandatory Paid Sick Leave […]

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Episode 29: COVID NCAA Tournament Is Here, White People Need To Stop Hiding Behind Terrible Excuses For Their Racism Plus Coping With Loss & Reaching Out To The People In Your Life As Well As The Estranged

In this episode, I discuss the disgusting trend of racism from white people recently as well as the terrible excuses they are trying to use.  I then discuss how 2021 has been tough and that we should all be reaching out to those in our lives as well as the ones that have become estranged.  […]

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Episode 25: Real Talk with Marcus (Let’s Get Uncomfortable Edition) & Sports Talk

In this episode, I talk with Marcus Wilson, from the Out of Boundz Podcast and Charity Stripe Commentary, so that we can dig deep into the black and white issue of racism in the US and Canada.  We get into the very uncomfortable conversation regarding legislation of the N-word that I felt was very enlightening […]

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Episode 24: Sports Talk with Dan (Bills Playoff Edition!)

In this episode, I sit down with Dan Pecora from the Snowflake Sports Podcast to discuss the Bills first playoff win in 25 years!  We end up talking about other things aside from the Bills such as: how Dan became a Bills fan (and when), his Raptors fandom, how NBA rest affected him seeing a […]

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Episode 22: Ontario’s “Lockdown”, The Ipperwash Crisis & Raptors “Defence”

In this episode, I talk about the current Ontario “lockdown” as well as Doug Ford’s true allegiances which includes Mike Harris and his disgraceful past.  Then I breakdown the Raptors loss to the Celtics and ask, “Why isn’t Matt Thomas playing?” CBC News: Hospital figures reach pandemic highs as Ontario reveals more details about vaccine […]

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Episode 20: Ripped, Riffing and Ripping New Ones…

In this episode, I return to riff on a few different items that have angered me or peaked my interest.  These include: the need to stop equating social programs with an Autocratic government uprise, how stupid the Ontario Conservative government officials seem to be (*cough* Rod Phillips *cough*) and Jason Kenney blaming the CERB for […]

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Episode 18: Let’s Audit the Tories’ Motives and NFL Week 12 Picks

In this episode, I discuss the motives and hypocrisy of the Conservative Party of Canada calling for a full audit of the CERB program while requesting the preliminary audit of wage subsidy applications be stopped.  Then I give my Week 12 NFL picks (including the Thanksgiving games) and some thoughts on each one.  Further discussion […]