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Episode 14 Trailer: Real Talk with Marcus & Trey

This is the pre-intro talk between Marcus, Trey and myself for Episode 14 coming shortly! Out of Boundz Podcast & Charity Stripe Commentary Hire BIPOC (Black, Indigenous and People of Colour) You can listen below or Follow/Subscribe at one of the following: Apple Podcasts Google Podcasts Amazon Music/Audible (awaiting approval…) Stitcher iHeart Radio (awaiting approval…) […]

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Episode 13: Voting and Election Reform with NFL Week 8 Recap and Week 9 Picks

In this episode, I discuss how we should be looking at our Electoral processes and the potential for Voting Reform.  Then I talk about the NFL’s Week 8 and make my Week 9 picks. We can get through this and the only way to get through this is together… Referenced in this episode: Malcolm Gladwell’s […]

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Episode 12: Sam Oosterhoff doesn’t believe in COVID-19, Raptors 2021 Home, NFL Week 7 Recap & Week 8 Picks

In this episode, I discuss the Sam Oosterhoff family gathering (potentially a super-spreader event), where the Toronto Raptors should play their next season, highlight some things about the NFL’s Week 7 and make my Week 8 picks.  I end off with some thoughts on how we need to provide a voice to the voiceless.  We […]

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Episode 11: Comedy, Film, Bill Burr and Mt Rushmore of Rappers with Mark McNally

In this episode, I sit down with Mark McNally where we talk about some experiences in the stand-up comedy scene, wonder what has happened to the understanding of nuance, and what it was like to meet Bill Burr.  We also discuss Mark’s experiences in the film industry including what it is like to work on […]

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Episode 10: Mi’kmaq Treaty Rights, NFL Week 7 Picks, My Lighter Side?

IT’S MY 10TH EPISODE!  The White History Month segment has to do with the Mi’kmaq Treaty Rights Dispute happening in Nova Scotia.  Then I go over the Week 7 slate of NFL games before imploring everyone that has the right to vote, and has an opportunity right now to vote, to get out and vote.  […]

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Episode 9: Get the COVID Alert App, Florida’s dumb, NFL Recap & Preview and #NationalIndigenousPeoplesDay

In this episode: I talk about why you should get the COVID Alert App; how Ron DeSantis’ decisions are dumb and so is Florida football; a recap of Week 5 in the NFL as a preview of Week 6; plus, why Canada should change Thanksgiving to National Indigenous Peoples Day.  Let’s be intellectuals! You can […]

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Episode 8: Pandemic Thanksgiving Special!

In this special Thanksgiving episode, I talk to my dad, Ross, and sister, Patricia, over Skype to talk about the love of sports instilled in us at a young age.  We talk about the NHL Draft and Bubble as well as how Hockey Canada is screwing this up (plus our beef with CHL rules and […]

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Episode 7: #WhiteHistoryMonth & Education Inequality, NFL Week 5 Picks & Titans COVID Problems…

In this episode, my White History Month segment has to do with Education Inequality.  Then I give my Week 5 NFL Picks as well as my thoughts on the Tennessee Titans inability to control their COVID outbreak. Referenced: Malcolm Gladwell’s Revisionist History episode about Brown v. Board of Education. You can listen below or Follow/Subscribe […]

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Episode 6: NBA Finals, White History Month, NFL Week 4 & NCAA Targeting Punishments

In this episode, I give my thoughts on the NBA Finals Game 3 as well as LeBron’s pursuit of the all-time playoff assist leader.  Then I delve into my first segments of White History Month for October 2020 (Russell Township incidence and Orange Shirt Day/Canada’s Residential Schools) with a game of White Privilege “I Have Never…”.  […]

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Episode 5: Stupidity of #SinghSellout, Week 4 NFL Picks & NBA Finals Thoughts

In this episode, I talk about the stupidity of #SinghSellout trending as Singh is just looking out for those being left behind by the dissolution of the CERB.  Then I discuss my feelings about Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills 2020 season before giving my Week 4 NFL picks followed by some NBA Finals thoughts. […]