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Episode 32: Awesome Conversation with Tom Stevens, Podcaster on the Rise at the USUK Podcast Network Plus Mount Rushmore of Metalcore Bands

In this episode, I speak with Tom Stevens, from the USUK Podcast Network, as they are on the rise!  We have a free-flowing conversation touching on a myriad of topics including: South Park, Scotland’s push for Independence, differences in health care, gun control and policing between UK, Canada & US, the brilliance of John Oliver […]

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Episode 30: Space Jam 2 Looks Good (Right?); Voting Rights Are Under Attack In the US; Plus Mount Rushmore of Pop-Punk with Joe McDonnell

In this episode, I sit down with Joe McDonnell, my co-host on the Out of Boundz Podcast, to discuss Voting Rights within the US now that Georgia has passed Voter Suppression Laws.  First, they start with a discussion of the Space Jam 2 Trailer and whether they are excited for that movie or not.  Then they […]

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Episode 11: Comedy, Film, Bill Burr and Mt Rushmore of Rappers with Mark McNally

In this episode, I sit down with Mark McNally where we talk about some experiences in the stand-up comedy scene, wonder what has happened to the understanding of nuance, and what it was like to meet Bill Burr.  We also discuss Mark’s experiences in the film industry including what it is like to work on […]