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Episode 26: Market Talk with Trey (GameStop Stock Edition)

In this episode, I talk with Trey Hill, from the Charity Stripe Commentary & Out of Boundz Podcasts, to discuss the current topic dominating the news, GameStop stock, as well as investing and the market as a whole.  Since I have a Financial Industry background, Trey wanted me to explain things to him.  There are differences […]

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Episode 20: Ripped, Riffing and Ripping New Ones…

In this episode, I return to riff on a few different items that have angered me or peaked my interest.  These include: the need to stop equating social programs with an Autocratic government uprise, how stupid the Ontario Conservative government officials seem to be (*cough* Rod Phillips *cough*) and Jason Kenney blaming the CERB for […]

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Episode 18: Let’s Audit the Tories’ Motives and NFL Week 12 Picks

In this episode, I discuss the motives and hypocrisy of the Conservative Party of Canada calling for a full audit of the CERB program while requesting the preliminary audit of wage subsidy applications be stopped.  Then I give my Week 12 NFL picks (including the Thanksgiving games) and some thoughts on each one.  Further discussion […]

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Episode 4: Don’t be scared by fees, Communism isn’t bad & NFL Players

In this episode, I talk about a few different items that require everyone to look beyond what is presented to them.  I talk about the fact that not all Investments Fees are equal and why Investors should not be scared of them.  I talk about the misinformation spread about Communism and Marxism.  Then I finish […]